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[World PvP - Mage] Unclemurda 7: Going Backwards

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If your not havin fun wut are u playin for?
The Video:
Aight so this is about 1 and a half months of work. I honestly cant compete with Sharci 3 on editting so if ur expecting anything better than that then forget this video. As usual im not tryin to show off anything. I just like making videos as a hobby and just remember pvp is wut u make of it.

The Title:
Soooo, the video is called Going Backwards cuz with the 3.0 patch comin out ive decided to take it back to old school and wear my 60 gear for most of the video.

The World PvP:
Unfortunatly i couldnt get alot of world pvp footage since my server is full of arena heads. Im also famous for goin to ironforge alot. Ironforge's guards are monsters. It is almost impossible, sorry =(

The Songs:
30 Seconds to Mars- Battle of One
Classic Crime- The Fight
Atreyu- Ex's and Oh's
Saturday Night Fever- Disco Inferno
Basement Jaxx- Wheres your head at
Taking Back Sunday- What's it feel like to be a ghost
DJ Shadow- Organ Donor
Skillet- Rebirthing
Zebrahead- Falling apart
Ronald Jenkees- Super Fun


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